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Follow RT : Falls are a common – and preventable – cause of childhood injury July 25, 2017
Follow Thank you for raising awareness of ! July 24, 2017
Follow RT : Make sure your child wears a helmet on every bike ride, no matter how short or how close to home. July 22, 2017
Follow Thanks for sharing ! July 21, 2017
Follow RT : Health is more than health care. Fantastic infogaphic on the importance of the social determinants of health & buil… July 21, 2017
Follow Preventing is important 4 TX women of childbearing age (& others,) but equally imptmt is preventing alcohol u… July 20, 2017
Follow RT : Are you a current or former planning for college? Find out if you qualify for the Tuition & Fee Waiver! July 20, 2017
Follow Some substance use disorders are based in adverse childhood experiences July 19, 2017
Follow Neurodiversity: When you’re not flawed, just mentally different! via July 18, 2017
Follow Are you an artist? Know one? Help raise awareness of with by entering! July 12, 2017
Follow RT : Have you been to Morgans Wonderland? All rides are all inclusive and even the new water park is equipped to allow... July 12, 2017
Follow RT : Preterm birth rate in the United States increases for the 2nd year in a row: July 10, 2017
Follow RT : The Crisis for young adults on the spectrum July 09, 2017
Follow RT : When teens struggle with addiction, there's the added question of education. That's where recovery schools come in. July 09, 2017
Follow RT : Texas ranks first in the US for hot car deaths. Placing one shoe or your phone next to the child is a good safeguard July 08, 2017
Follow RT : Our Public Policy team is hosting 3 webinars this month covering the 85th Legislative Session's impact. Register: July 05, 2017
Follow Our friends offering webinar tomorrow @ noon about . Check it out! July 05, 2017
Follow RT : Free webinar on "FASD: Intervention and Treatment" July 20th, 2:00pm Eastern, presented by Claire D. Coles, PhD. July 05, 2017
Follow RT : New Updates on Concussions in Girls July 04, 2017
Follow RT : Enter the NOFAS 2017 "FASD Month" Art Contest by 8/7/17. Winners will have their art featured by .… July 04, 2017