At TOPDD, our mission is to prevent the occurrence of disabilities whenever possible and reduce their impact when it's not.  

Volunteers are an integral part of our team and their functions include professional education, consultation, research, data collection, and public policy.  Our mission is achieved through the active participation of volunteers working in our three volunteer-driven programs:  

  1. Texas Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Collaborative
  2. Child Safety and Injury Prevention program
  3. Supporting MINDDs Collaborative 


Our Volunteer Philosophy

As an organization focused on community/statewide planning, active participation of volunteers is essential to achieving our mission. TOPDD views its volunteers as the eyes, ears, heart, soul, inspiration and guiding force of this work.  Even if we had all of the financial support we could hope for, we could never achieve our goals without volunteers!


Our Programs

TOPDD convenes volunteers around each of the priorty focus areas:  fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, preventable child injuries, and meeting the needs of children who have both an intellectual/ developmental disability and mental health condition.  Each of our programs are comprised of volunteer leaders and passionate members and we engage volunteers throughout the year to join us and get involved.  

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Developmental Disabilities (DDs) are defined as disabilities that occur before the age of 19 and impact an individual's ability to use and understand language, learn, control movement, conduct basic self-care, and live independantly. These disabilities occur during pregnancy, birth or childhood and DDs are life changing.




Volunteer Opportunities

For inquiries about available volunteer jobs, send your email to the


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