TOPDD is an organization that mobilizes the state to collaborate on key issues around developmental disabilities, including the following:

  1. Addressing the root causes of the most prevalent preventable disabilities.
  2. Reducing the impact of disabilities for children through interventions and services.

Our rich history includes a major focus on preventing neurodevelopmental disorders associated with prenatal alcohol exposure and brain trauma and improving the lives of children who are experiencing significant brain differences. Similar to the impact of the , these brain differences are life changing.

At TOPDD, we Educate, Motivate, and Empower all Texans to do their part to promote children's health.

  • We Educate Communities
  • We Motivate Stakeholders
  • We Empower Texans To Work Together On Children's Issues 

We Educate

TOPDD is a statewide bridge to excellence in research, best practices, trainings, and sound public policies. Our activities include awareness events, targeted trainings, webinars, and discussion groups. Our target audiences have included educators, health professionals, state leaders, regional leaders, and families.

Visit the  and review TOPDD's collection of publications and records that contain useful information on topics about child safety, injury prevention, developmental disabilitites, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.  


We Motivate

TOPDD convenes stakeholders from a variety of interests to collaborate on key issues around developmental disabilities.  Visit  to learn about our three programs and how we motivate partners across the state and beyond to work together.


We Empower

TOPDD strives to build a statewide bridge to excellence in best practices, policy, research, leadership.  We organize across systems, disciplines, regions throughout Texas in pursuit of excellence in promoting health. We also use a focused, evidence-based approach in the most critical areas facing children: fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, preventing child injuries, and meeting the needs of children who have both an intellectual/ developmental disabilities and mental health conditions.




















Contact Us

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