TOPDD Feature in HHSC News Raises Awareness about FASD

TOPDD Feature in HHSC News Raises Awareness about FASD

February 27 2017
This week, TOPDD's works were featured in , an online weekly newsletter published by . View the original article on 

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Article Highlights

  • TOPDD educates and empowers Texans to promote children's health through training, research, statewide planning and action. 
  • Prenatal alcohol exposure affects more children annually than spina bifida, Down syndrome, childhood cancer and childhood diabetes combined — 2 to 5 percent of all children.
  • More than 1,000 professionals each year are trained through the office. 
  • The office brings together about 2,100 volunteers every year to improve systems and services, as well as to reduce the incidence and effects of FASD.
  • Conducting research in collaboration with universities to gather Texas-based data, the office recently completed a statewide study, the first of its kind, on the prevalence of prenatal alcohol exposure with results being released later this month.
  • A study on FASD with a focus on children in the state welfare system was also conducted. 
"Many HHS employees are active in TOPDD's collaborative planning and get training through our office," said Leah Davis. "Anyone who wants to learn more or do more about FASD can come to us."